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Sigils - Create Some Magic in Your Book Marketing
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HeadTalker is one of the newest ways to get your message in front of a large number of eyes. Yet many people don't understand or are afraid of this platform. In this course we will break down how to set up a HeadTalker campaign and teach you how to use it to the fullest.  HeadTalker is a marketing system that uses crowdsourcing and is totally FREE to use. Once you have the basics down you can use HeadTalker over and over again to help build your brand, product or service . This is course is easy to follow and leads you through ever step of the process. You can follow along while you build your first campaign. In about an hour this course will give you the tools to become a HeadTalker genius.

One of the most underused methods of book and or product promotion is being interviewed about that book or product.  People think it is to hard to get interviewed or to speak on their subject matter and that only those with connections get that chance.  Well they are wrong.  There is an abundance of places to secure these interviews and the biggest untapped market is Podcasts.   
The best part about podcast on iTunes is the number of available podcasts on iTunes.  At last count there were over 250,000 different podcasts on iTunes.  Of that 250,000 podcasts there are over a billion people subscribing to those podcasts.  Now don't you want to be able to tap into numbers like that?  
The secret is wading through the podcast to find just the right ones of you to get interviewed upon.  That is where this class is going to give you the power to wade through the sea of podcasts and find just the right ones to get interviewed about your book or product.  Another huge advantage to using podcast interviews to promote your book of product is that almost all of them are free to be listened to and also don't cost you anything to be interviewed upon.  So using podcasts interviews only costs your time.  Now any budget minded person loves that!  
Another big benefit is that there are more and more podcast popping up all the time.  So this marketing method isn't going away any time soon.  This class will be more than a lucky find for you it is more like tapping into a gold mine or marketing bliss. 

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